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Being Increasingly Responsible for Your Own Education

Many (most) readers of this IAE Blog entry are able to decide for themselves what they want to learn and how they want to use what they learn. They routinely act as independent, self-motivated, self-directed learners. This is rather amazing, since our educational system is so strongly oriented toward students learning what they are told to learn, using processes and aids provided by teachers, and being assessed by a system that cares little about the specific interests and goals of the students.

In essence, our educational system promotes a form of learned helplessness as contrasted with students being able to make decisions about what they want to learn and how to learn it. See

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Are High Schools Seriously Misleading Our Students?

Well over half of U.S. students graduating from high school have expectations of going on to college. Many of these students are grossly under-prepared to meet college standards.

An 8/18/2010 Wall Street Journal article available at indicates:

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