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Make It and Use It—An Approach to Improving Schools

I have just finished reading the following short article on a way to improve our schools:

Frauenfelder, M. (October, 2010). School for Hackers. The Atlantic. Retrieved 9/20/2010 from http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/10/school-for-hackers/8218.

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Pithy Quotes Can be Considered as Very Short Stories

I think of a pithy quote as a very short story. Such a short story can capture an important idea in a very few words, and such quotes tend to remain "fresh" over many years—and even over the centuries.

I have created two personal collections of such quotes for the IAE-pedia. See my general quotes at http://iae-pedia.org/Quotations_Collected_by_David_Moursund and my math education quotes at http://iae-pedia.org/Math_Education_Quotations. [These collections were revised and updated in March 2013.]

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Detailed Syllabus for a Grades 1-8 Teacher Education Course on Math Maturity

Last spring I taught a distance education graduate course titled “Increasing the Math Maturity of K-8 Students and Their Teachers.” The course was sponsored by the PrISM Oregon (Preparation for Instruction of Science & Math) project funded by FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education).Recently I "cleaned up" the detailed syllabus for that course, checked all of the links, and added an Appendix as a non-required supplemental reading. The syllabus is available at http://i-a-e.org/downloads/doc_download/201-extended-syllabus-for-prism-course.html.

Math Maturity Course Content

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