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Information Age Education (IAE) is an Oregon not-for-profit corporation founded by David Moursund in August 2007. The IAE Blog was started in August 2010.

College and Job Ready—and What Else?

"Education must be increasingly concerned about the fullest development of all children and youth, and it will be the responsibility of the school to seek learning conditions that enable each individual to reach the highest level of learning possible for her or him." (Benjamin S. Bloom; American educational psychologist; 1913–1999.)  The very ...
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Project Tomorrow: A Report on Uses of Computer Technology in Education

I am interested in improving education for all people of all ages throughout the world. Recently, I had a delightful time interacting with a grandchild (age 10), three of my adult relatives, and two “senior citizens.” All of us spent a substantial amount of our time using Smartphones, tablet computers, and laptop computers.

Perhaps what was most interesting to me was the facility of the non-senior-citizens at making use of these tools whenever a question arose.

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Brain Science

Please answer to yourself the following two questions:

1. Are you satisfied with your current knowledge of the capabilities, limitations, and functioning of your brain?

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Should We Use Digital Technology to 'Drill' Children?

This is a Guest IAE Blog entry by Cathie Norris and Eliot Soloway.

Introduction by David Moursund

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