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Asking More Useful Questions About Our Educational System

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High School Mathematics Standards

James T. Fey (Jim Fey) is a national leader in math education. I first got to know him more than 30 years ago through his research and development work on use of computers in elementary school mathematics. There he explored how computers can be used to make significant changes in the math curriculum.

As an example, think about the math knowledge and skills in decimal arithmetic, percentages, angles, and the use of a protractor and compass needed to create pie charts. A couple of years before students acquire such knowledge and skills in the traditional grade school curriculum, they can create and use pie charts with the help of computers. The key idea is that they can make use of their vision abilities (their “mind’s eye”) in understanding pie charts, and creating them on a computer, before they have developed the math knowledge and skills to create them using “by hand” methods. Jim Fey referred to this specific visual math approach to curriculum change as an inverted curriculum.

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An Introduction to College Math Placement Testing

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21st Century Skills

We each have our own opinions as to what schools are doing and/or should be doing to prepare students for their 21st century adult lives. My recent Web search of the expression 21st century skills returned more than 19 million hits.

The articles I browsed tended to present an author’s opinion of what constitutes the important 21st century knowledge and skills. Many articles talk about goals of precollege education, such as preparing students for careers and further education. Others recognize that education has broader goals than these practical one. See my list of educational goals at http://i-a-e.org/iae-blog/general-educational-goals-in-the-united-states.html.

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