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Poverty and Testing: Two Major Educational Problems

In a recent mailing to his email distribution lists, Jerry Becker recommended the following video:

Defies Measurement (Shine on Productions, 2013). 1:05 video. Retrieved 4/6/2015 from https://vimeo.com/user20632266/defiesmeasurementfilm.

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Are High Schools Seriously Misleading Our Students? Update

I have been writing about education and computers in education for a very long time. Some of what I have written may now be of historical value, and quite a bit of that is available free on the Web.

From time to time, when I am in a reminiscing mood, I read some of my old articles, editorials, and blog entries. I reflect on what has changed in the ensuing years.

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Tests Scores Are Being Far Over-Hyped

Education is a complex, multifaceted endeavor. We each have our own insights into what constitutes a good education. We realize that a good education comes from home, acquaintances, church, neighborhood, community, schools, online courses, the media, aids to entertainment, and so on.

We each have our own stories to tell about our own education and the education of people we know. We each know people whose quality of life is relatively independent of how well they did in school. For the great majority of people, how well they scored on the “high stakes” state and national tests turns out to be of modest consequence in their lives.

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An Introduction to College Math Placement Testing

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Setting and Achieving Personal Learning Goals

“If you don't know where you are going, you're likely to end up somewhere else.” (Lawrence J. Peter; American educator of “Peter's Principles” fame; 1919–1990.)

Personal Goals

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