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Information Age Education (IAE) is an Oregon not-for-profit corporation founded by David Moursund in August 2007. The IAE Blog was started in August 2010.

Quality of Life: Working Toward a Better Future

The Winter Solstice has just passed, and the days are getting longer on the Oregon coast where I live. I wish the best for all of my readers during the coming years. Rather than just saying, “I wish you a Happy New Year,” I am instead broadening this wish so that it applies to a much larger audience and a longer time period. I wish an improving Quality of Life (QoL) to all creatures on earth for which such a wish might be appropriate.

I think about QoL in a rather broad manner. Thus, I am concerned with:

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Transfer of Learning

Transfer of learning is the process of a person making use of his or her learned knowledge and skills in new environments and in new problem-solving and task-accomplishing situations. Recently the IAE-pedia document on Transfer of Learning was substantially revised and updated. This IAE Blog entry provides a summary of an important part of the updated IAE-pedia document.

Here are three general categories or types of transfer of learning. This information is useful to teachers and their students.

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