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Building a Personal Library for Children

Recently I bought a Kindle Fire tablet computer  on a special sale for about $40. (Currently it retails for about $50.) What a bargain! I have a large, personal library on my Kindle.

Wouldn’t be nice if a parent or teacher could go to one or a very few websites and find many thousands of free books they could download to build a personal library for their children and students? Significant progress has occurred in this endeavor. My 5/11/2016 Google search of the expression free downloadable children's books online produced over 13 million results. While it requires Web connectivity to download such books, once they are downloaded they can be read without connectivity.

Here are a few examples. These are all sites that provide free download of books. I have arranged these in alphabetical order. I hope that some of my readers will use the Comments section of this IAE Blog entry to provide readers with some of the sites they like best!

•      ALSC Blog (3/31/2013). Where to download classic children’s books for free. Association for library service for children. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

•      Children’s Storybooks Online. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from Books are divided into categories: Books for Young Children; Books for Older Children; and Books for Young Adults.

•      Free Kids Books. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

•      Kindle. Amazon best sellers in children’s books: Top 100 free. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

•      Laybourn, E. (n.d.). List of free stories: Read online, print, or download. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

•      Project Gutenberg. “Project Gutenberg” offers over 50,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

•      The Online Books Page. (This is not a collection of downloadable books. It is an index included here to provide an indication of the growing size of a worldwide free library of books that can be read online.) Quoting from the site: Our local index includes more than 2 million works in various formats … Retrieved 5/11/2016 from

Of course, you should not restrict your search for good materials just to books. Games, music, videos, and so on that you feel will contribute to a child's learning and joy in life are all apprpopriate to add to your collection.

What You Can Do

Looking for a present for a child? Here’s an idea. Purchase an inexpensive tablet computer and then load a number of books and other material onto it. Want to supplement the books available in a classroom or a school library? The same idea applies. Perhaps you can get the school’s PTA involved both in fund raising to purchase a number of tablet computers, and also in locating a collection of free or very inexpensive books and other material to download to these tablet computers.

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