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The Math Learning Center

I was one of the founders of the Math Learning Center (MLC) and have served on its Board of Directors since this 501(c)(3) organization started 40 years ago. During these 40 years, I have advocated for increased use of calculators and computers in math education. Several hundred of my math education and computer education publications are available free online (IAE, 2017). Three of my more widely read math education articles are (Moursund, 2017a; Moursund, 2017b; and Moursund, 2017c).

One of my contributions to the MLC was getting it started in developing some online Math Manipulatives programs (Moursund, 4/19/2013). A catalog of the MLC’s current collection of 11 free online math manipulatives is available (MLC, 2017).

Bridges is a PreK-5 math curriculum developed and sold by the Math Learning Center. These materials are being used in thousands of classrooms. The Pre-K component of Bridges is the newest addition to these curriculum materials. If you are interested in PreK-5 math education, you may want to read the recent MLC newsletter reproduced below. Subscriptions to this newsletter are free (MLC Newsletter, Fall, 2017). The newsetter consists of a series of "teasers" with links to full articles.

Introducing Bridges Pre-K
by Allyn Fisher

Join us in celebrating the arrival of Bridges in Mathematics Pre-K, an exciting new preschool math program. Bridges Pre-K features intentional math instruction built around research-based developmental progressions.

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New MLC Online Store
by Collin Nelson

You may have noticed some recent changes to one of our websites. Our online catalog has become our online store. These changes were made in an effort to improve navigation and increase the amount of product information.

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New Interactive Partial Product Finder

by Collin Nelson

Preview our newest app as we continue to develop it.

Partial Product Finder allows multiplication combinations to be represented as a rectangle, or array, with dimensions that match the combination.

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Bridges & Meaningful Distributive Practice
by Pia Hansen

Meaningful Distributed Practice (MDP), is a technique incorporating big ideas of a grade level via short instructional tasks. Research from the University of Iowa has shown that implementing MDP increases students' conceptual understanding and skill development.

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Low-Floor/High-Ceiling Tasks & Other Takeaways 

by Pia Hansen

Our curriculum specialists recently attended a workshop with Jo Boaler, Cathy Willams, and their youcubed team. We left energized by three key messages and affirmed by recognizing how The Math Learning Center addresses them.

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Important People & Ideas in Math Education
by David Moursund

I assume that you teach math to elementary school students or are very interested in this aspect of schooling. Here is a pop quiz. Name some people who have made major, lasting contributions to the discipline of math education, and say what they contributed. 

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What You Can Do

Math education at the PreK-5 level has changed significantly since you were in school. One of the changes has been a major increase in the use of math manipulatives—both physical manipulatives and online manipulatives. Another change is an increased emphasis on learning for understanding, rather than just rote memorization. This learning for understanding includes a greater emphasis on recognizing, posing, and solving math problems.

If you are an advocate for improving precollege education, then you should look into the types of changes that are going on at the PreK-5 levels. Nowadays, a large percentage of elementary school children routinely use Smartphones, game machines, and/or tablet computers outside of school. Their effective student use of tablet computers and laptop computers in their elementary school classrooms is gradually growing.  

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