pdf Mathemagical Numbers 1 to 99


PDF file. Mathemagical Numbers 1 to 99 is a free 39-page booklet about the natural numbers 1 to 99. We list some of our favorite properties about each natural number 1 to 99. You will find odd numbers, even numbers, prime numbers, emirps, palprimes, composite numbers, prime factorizations of composite numbers, factors, proper factors, sums of factors, sums of proper factors, deficient numbers, perfect numbers, abundant numbers, square numbers, cubic numbers, triangular numbers, factorial numbers, Fibonacci numbers, palindromic numbers, and the number of protons in atoms from hydrogen to einsteinium. You can download this booklet as a PDF file or as a Microsoft Word file that you can edit. You can add your favorite properties to the numbers 1 to 99 and have your students participate in the process. This is a free booklet, so please give copies to others.