document Becoming a Better Math Tutor


Microsoft Word file. This book is about math tutoring. It is designed to help math tutors and tutees get better at their respective and mutual tasks. The intended audiences for this book include volunteer and paid tutors, preservice and inservice teachers, parents and other child caregivers, students who help other students (peer tutors), and developers of tutorial software and other materials.

If you just want to read the Table of Contents, Preface, first two chapters, and the two appendices, you can do this without doing a long download by going to

Here is another free recent book by Moursund and Albrecht.  Both Moursund & Albrecht books focus on helping students gain in math maturity.

Moursund, David and Albrecht, Robert (2011). Using math games and word problems to increase math maturity. Salem, OR: The Math Learning Center. For details see