document Mathemagical Black Holes


Microsoft Word file. Mathemagical Black Holes is a free 96-page book that you can download as a PDF file or as a Microsoft Word file. You and your students/tutees can edit the Word file, improve it, enhance it, et cetera, et cetera.

The book includes Mathemagical Black Holes of the Simple Kind, Mathemagical Black Hole 123, Mathemagical Black Holes 99 & 1089, Mathemagical Black Hole 495, Mathemagical Black Hole 6174, Mathemagical Black Hole 153, Mathemagical Square Root Black Hole, and Mathemagical Black Holes of the Cyclic Kind. We think that first-grade students can enjoy some of the simple black holes and Black Hole 123, especially with you coaching them. Black Hole 123 is amazing, and requires only counting and catenating (putting numbers together).

Grab your magic wand, hop on your broom, and explore mathemagical black holes.