document Dice Probabilities & Statistics 01


If we were on a team to create math standards, we would lobby for probability and statistics as two of the most important and useful math topics for every grade level. As you go through life, you are bombarded by data, data, data, and will make multitudes of probability decisions. How do you choose the better choice? Know and apply your knowledge of probability and statistics.
This eBook is intended for teachers, tutors, and others who help learners learn math. It explores probabilities and statistics related to rolling one 6-faced die (1D6) with faces labeled 1 to 6 by pips or numerals or two 6-faced dice (2D6). This eBook has 131 probability and statistics activies and answers.

Roll 1D6: 22 probability and statistics activities with answers
Roll 2D6: 109 probability and statistics activities with answers
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