pdf Play Together, Learn Together: Factor Monster


Factor Monster is our name for a classic game about natural numbers, composite numbers, prime numbers, factors and proper factors. The original game is called The Factor Game - you can find it on the Internet.

We have gone way beyond The Factor Game and built a system of games, including

Factor Monster Try for High Games
Factor Monster Go for Low Games
Factor Monster Tie Quest Games
Factor Monster Symmetric Games
Designing strategies for playing Factor Monster Games

This eBook also contains much ado about sequences, series and sums of consecutive natural numbers (triangular numbers).

Our friend Elucidatus Quadraticus demonstrates how to:

Derive the formula 1 + 2 + 3 + . . . + n = n(n + 1)/2.
Prove that the formula 1 + 2 + 3 + . . . + n = n(n + 1)/2 is true.
Determine if a natural number is or is not the sum of consecutive natural numbers (a triangular number).
Solve quadratic equations in various ways, including factoring and using the quadratic formula.

This eBook abounds with ideas for investigations by your students. Factor Monster is a never-ending source of enquiries yet to be done!

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