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Adding Comments to an IAE Newsletter

Disqus is a commenting service we are using to facilitate comments and discussions for each archived newsletter. If you choose to comment on a newsletter you first need to sign up for a free account on Disqus, or have an existing Disqus account.

An example of how the commenting form appears is shown below:

If you were already logged in to Disqus you would be able to leave a message in the "Leave a message..." text field. If you were not logged in you could use an alternative login for Facebook, Twitter, or Google by clicking the appropriate icon near the left bottom portion of the login area. Otherwise, click the small "gear" icon on the lower right area of the login area.

Once you have clicked the small "gear" icon simply enter your Email or Username and your Password, then click the Sign in button.

Once you are logged in to Disqus you will be free to comment on any recent newsletter archived on the IAE site.

If you have other questions about Disqus you can find out more from their web site.